Why should you book a photo booth for your wedding?


Well imagine this, you have paid a lot of money on too many things. Like your wedding dress, rented a venue, paid for a the DJ and sound system, paid for catering, food and drinks, sent out invitations to all your friends and family members and now you’re waiting for everyone to come and celebrate with you your big day. However did you think what your guests’ reaction would be if they left your wedding with an actual keepsake from the event. It’s like watching a movie and then forgetting the story as soon as you walk outside the door. A photo booth Toronto not only can provide so much fun and humour to your wedding celebration. It can also act as an ice breaker where family members from the groom and from the bride’s side can mingle together, get to know each other more and have some fun taking pictures together. And the best part is that Photo booth Ottawa will provide each guest with an instant print with your wedding date and names as a nice and memorable souvenir from the event.

When they get home, they’ll put the picture on their fridge and they will be reminded of the nice moments they had at your wedding every time they go in to the kitchen.